Inside the Kitchen

Rose water is the simplest to make. Take rose petals, rinse, add to pot with distilled water and bring to a boil. 

Let simmer for 10 minutes, then pour into a glass and enjoy!

Note: Take it one step further and pour the rose water into your iron. When you iron your pillowcases, you'll fall asleep to a heavenly scent.

Magazine pages are a GREAT alternative to wallpaper lining for drawers and interiors of the pantry.

By tearing out pages of magazines and lining the insides,

you can bring depth and beauty through colors you like that add just an extra touch of joy!

Note: After I've emptied the drawers, I wipe them down with some rubbing alcohol to disinfect and clean before applying the paper.

For the inside of my pantry, I  chose colorful images of flowers that I love. This ties in with my garden and baking.

I did not cover the entire inside. Just wanted a pop!

My absolute favorite spot to decorate is INSIDE the fridge.

It's the one place most people look every single day, and multiple times throughout the day.

Note: I wipe every shelf and drawer with a clean paper towel and then rubbing alcohol to disinfect.

Next, I will either layer paper towels or a kitchen towel on the bottom of one or two shelves and put the fresh vegetables and fruit on top.

I do not recommend washing anything until right before consuming. My produce will last me one week. If you don't consume before then, best to keep in bags.

I like to use various teacups and containers to place flowers throughout. They smell lovely and look beautiful!

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